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Hello visitor! Thank you for visiting this page. I am Aviral Bhardwaj I work as a software engineer in one of the product and service-based company. I started my software engineering profession in 2019.  I completed my engineering in electronics and communication from the Rustam Ji Institute of Technology Gwalior,  it is the first Paramilitary college in India. I completed my graduation in 2016 after that I started my own business of website development and YouTube marketing I run my own business up to 3 years and after that, I realize that I am lacking in a lot of Technologies so I moved from my place to here Bangalore and started my software engineer journey. So in this blog/website I will write about my daily stuff whatever I am doing in my company and I’m facing some kind of problem there I will right here because a lot of people are facing the same problem in different Technology I will write here about Python A W S cloud SQL language and data structure and lot more things wherever I feel that my knowledge have to improve in a particular area I will write about that and after that, it will definitely increase my knowledge as well as your because in future time I will definitely switch from one company to another company and that time this whole knowledge will come in to picture and give me a higher package.


So I believe you are also a software engineer or software aspirant or a data science aspirant so in this blog, you will find every knowledge about every field means I will try to put my whole knowledge in this blog that’s the thing. 


Thank you again for visiting this page



Aviral Bhardwaj

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